Impactful Insights Driven by Contextual Data

A flexible and scalable AI platform - for faster and accurate decisions at every location. It is powered by algorithms that understands your data automatically. It predicts & offers recommendations autonomously

Why Location Intelligence?

Location data is valuable. It connects seemingly disconnected datasets to help in analytics that can drive business decisions


Minimum Human Effort

Data cleansing methods that are up to 100X faster than current methods. This means faster deployment, easier integration of multiple data sources and less pain for your data analysts.

Smart Addition of Context

Intelligent addition of contextual information to analyse data for richer insights. Know how weather, demography and even traffic impact your business outcome at every location.

Insights that Matter

Algorithms that provide novel knowledge of the company that go beyond predictions and anomaly detections. They offer recommendations autonomously.

Fluid UI

Business users can now unearth valuable insights from data using AI. Equinox enables them to ask complex questions with zero coding



Equinox generates location specific product and service recommendations for banks based on demography, spending patterns and even performance of competition.

Supply Chain Management

Equinox integrates enterprise data of sales and marketing with data of local holidays, weather etc., & predicts SKU-level demand at each location. Accurate demand sensing results in optimal inventory

Digital Marketing

Equinox uses web traffic and social media data to generate real-time insights for enterprises to increase their digital marketing ROI by up to 45%.

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